Art Advisor

Making use of the experience acquired over long years of study, the art advisor - a professional figure originating from the English-speaking world - guarantees the utmost confidentiality, places his/her experience at the service of the client and sees to the certification of individual works and collections, providing them with certain information, such as attribution of authorship, critical, bibliographical and exhibition background of works placed in a historical context, as well as inventorying and providing an estimate of the current market value.

Cinzia Virno is technical consultant to the Court of Rome, advising on art and antiques. She also advises private individuals, auction houses, insurance companies, banks, public and private institutions. This work entails constant research in archives and libraries, continuous monitoring of global market trends, constant referencing of the archives of artists and foundations, art dealers, auction houses, museums, collectors and legal experts in the sector. The cases she is involved in cover numerous and varied situations, which may result in pleasant discoveries or the uncovering of forgeries. The most frequent situations that arise, also in the private sphere, are estate divisions or valuations and quantifications of damage to works of art caused by human action or natural events.

Many interesting cases have emerged when studying important collections, leading at times to veritable discoveries of authorship, often revealing erroneous attributions. 

The examination, study and enhancement of particularly interesting works of art has helped collectors to make decisions on correct investments, providing a degree of certainty about the artwork for any future actions. 


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